Welcome to the Computational Mechanics Laboratory, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. We aim to develop state-of-the-art numerical tools and use them to analyze and design complex systems arising from mechanical, marine, biomedical, civil, aerospace engineering and so on. Current engineering foci of our group are on flapping wing aerodynamics, renewable energy harvesting techniques, numerical optimization, and nonhydrostatic mesoscale atmospheric modeling. The algorithm development efforts are on high-oder numerical methods (discontinuous Galerkin, flux reconstruction/correction procedure via reconstruction (FR/CPR), spectral difference/volume, etc.), shock capturing, and efficient algorithms for solving nonlinear systems. 


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Dr. Meilin Yu

Associate Professor

Mr. Kan Liu

PhD (Since 2015 Fall)

Mr. Naresh Poudel

PhD (Since 2015 Fall)

Mr. Md Badrul Hasan

PhD (Since 2019 Spring)

Christiana Sasser (Master, 2018 fall - present)


Dr. Lai Wang (PhD, 2015 spring - 2019 fall), now postdoc at the Texas A&M University.

Abdul Bari Syed (Master, 2014 fall - 2016 summer)

Miao Lu (Master, 2015 fall - 2019 fall)

Theophilus Aluko, Meyerhoff Scholar, (undergraduate, 2015 spring - 2017 spring)

Michael Bonds, Meyerhoff Scholar, (undergraduate, 2017 summer - 2018 fall)